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"My Story..."

Hello All, I‘m glad you’re here.

My name is Dr. Chad Peters and I'm ready to give you an edge on your health and life.

I am passionate about human performance and health! I want to live long into old age and maintain my body, mind and performance – To basically NEVER GET OLD!

I feel that those of you that are like minded are on a quest, as I am, to find the answers to: what works?  What is the best way? How can I save time and effort and energy?

I understand this drive, as I feel it too. But in order to make these decisions, TO FIND THE SHORTCUTS, We need understanding. We need the knowledge to give is the direction.  To give ourselves enough information to make you’re the BETTER decisions.

You know your body better than anyone else will ever understand it. I want to give you the ideas to help you move in the right direction with your life, your fitness and your body.

No more played out, decades old ideas that never really worked.

No more months of rehab and drudgery for minimum gains.

NO more B.S. It’s time for new ideas, advice that works and the knowledge to judge effectiveness, so YOU can make your own BEST decisions.

So my story

I want to teach. 

I love my day job as a sports based chiropractor.  I loved my previous job as a personal trainer.   I Love teaching seminars, being on TV shows and putting together classes and lessons.  

I want to do it all – and online is the only way it all works together.   So join me.  Send me your questions and ideas and pick my brain.   The sharing of ideas and the blend of research, experience and personal observation in the perfect environment to fast forward our education.  It’s called Accelerated Learning and I want to be a part of this with you.


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